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Recommended Reviews

Worked with Peter Goss and Joost Van de Water and found them to be highly-seasoned, stellar agents, with a lot of integrity. Would recommend them without reservation and whole-heartedly.

They work together as a business team (which was kind of like getting double the agent power), were highly available and receptive to and patient with our (many!) questions, had an excellent sense of property value and aesthetics (often enabling them to point out flaws in prospective properties that we would not otherwise have noticed) and were also masterful in dealing with transactional/financial details of bidding.  Most importantly, they seemed genuinely more concerned with getting us into something that matched our needs and values vs. a pressured sale.  They exude a sense of wanting to do things well and right by their clients.

While touring properties throughout our housing hunt, list agents at open houses would often say things like oh, you re in really good hands when we d mention our agents names.  And they were right.  Their excellent reputation is well-deserved.  Especially given the current heated marked, I really believe that working with them made all the difference for us.

In short, we re very happy with the outcome (which is that we are in a house that we re thrilled with) but (less intuitive given current market challenges for buyers) we were also very happy with the process along the way, and attribute that to the high degree of professionalism and hard work that both Peter and Joost consistently showed.