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Whitesville, WV –

A physically disabled woman from Boone County, WV said a man took advantage of her trusting nature and took her car without paying.

Now she is left with no car and no way to get to her many doctor’s appointments.

I had posted an ad on Craigslist and Facebook, Marian Webb said.

She needed to sell her beloved 2005 Monte Carlo. The transmission was out so she posted it for parts only. The plan was to use the money to get a used Blazer so that she could get around in the winter.

A man came to look at the car. Webb agreed to let him make two payments of $500 each. They were due November 1 and December 1 last year. She has not received any money.

A handshake is your word you go on that handshake, Webb said.

She even had the man sign a paper detailing the terms of the agreement. Webb, her son and her nephew signed the same paper saying they witnessed the conversation.

I haven’t got a dime from him and I am the one suffering.

Webb still doesn’t have a car or any way to get around. Surgery on her back and neck make it very difficult for her to walk.

I want him to know that what he has done to me. He’s made me feel like I have to live in prison because I can’t go anywhere. I just hope he doesn’t do this to anyone else, Webb said.

She said she reported the incident to the Whitesville Police Department. Webb said the man who took the car said he lived in St.Albans, WV at the time. She has his phone number and called him frequently to ask for payment. The number has since been disconnected.

Captain James Agee with the St. Albans Police Department said when it comes to selling a vehicle to someone you don’t know:

*Deal only in cash

*Meet in a public place like a fast food restaurant, convenience store or the parking lot of a law enforcement agency where there are cameras present

*Do not make payment plans

When asked if she would do things differently looking back Webb said Probably not because I have a heart of gold. I’d help anyone I could.

If found guilty the person accused of taking Marian’s car without payment could be charged with obtaining under false pretenses.