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Welcome to the New York State Winter Travel Advisory System. The system has activated for the 2014 – 2015 winter season.

The purpose of the system is to provide information about many of New York State’s most traveled roads directly from the operators that are performing the snow and ice operations. Our operators will provide reports to this system in areas where they are plowing or treating a highway due to winter weather. This advisory system provides a color coded map of major NYS highways indicating where many of these operations are occurring and the conditions that our operators are observing.

The New York State Department of Transportation cautions travelers to avoid travel whenever possible when winter weather makes driving difficult — but in cases where travel is necessary this system can provide you information about potential conditions during your trip.

Please visit the new and improved Winter Travel Advisory that is now offered through the 511NY service. Use the standard Google Maps controls shown to navigate around the site. The Select a Region dropdown box allows the user to choose a New York statewide view or to zoom to any one of the nine 511NY reporting regions for winter travel information. Placing the cursor over a shaded highway segment will cause a popup box to appear showing additional information about that WTA Road Segment.

A No Report condition indicates that there are either no snow removal operations in progress or that snow removal operators are still mobilizing and have not yet filed a report on conditions. Please pay close attention to current weather reports in your area.

If you have any questions about the Winter Travel Advisory or would like to leave a comment about our new look, please contact us .

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