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Looking to get pure water from every tap of your home or business?

If the answer is “yes”, then a commercial or “whole house” reverse osmosis system is just what you need. Having pure uncontaminated water at every tap of your home or business is a great option for those living in areas with known water quality issues (for example well water often contains complex impurities). Reverse osmosis systems have one of the highest impurity rejection rates of contaminants of all filter systems. No other water purification system can give you better water than reverse osmosis.

A whole house reverse osmosis system gets hooked up to your main water line right before it enters your house in order to get the pure water in your bathrooms, showers and all faucets. They handle large amounts of water so as to supply any amount of water a whole family uses in their home.

With a traditional under the sink reverse osmosis system, you get the RO water only at the faucet you have it hooked up to, normally in your kitchen. You get the pure water at that one faucet but you are left with the typical tap water at your other faucets and showers. Some people don t mind having regular tap water in the rest of the house and like the under the counter RO system just for drinking and cooking purposes.

If you are experiencing water quality issues with all water outlets, a whole house RO system will be the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

– Provides fresh and great tastingwater by removing chlorine and other impurities.

Getsrid of problems associated with acidic water by raising the pH-level of water to “neutral”. B lue-green stains on your copper fixtures, tubs and sinks will be a thing of the past. No more rusty-orange or black stains on your clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, water-using appliances and toilets.

Handles foul and “rotten egg smelling”water once and for all by removing hydrogen sulfides.

Our whole house or Commercial RO systems work great for health spas, entire homes and restaurants. Wide ranges of businesses enjoy having pure water to satisfy their guests. Businesses and home owners alike, enjoy providing their guests with pure, contaminant free water. A commercial or whole house reverse osmosis system works the same as a smaller unit. The membranes and water capacity are larger because typically the usage is higher. It s a good idea to know how many gallons per day (GPD) you plan on using. That way you can get the correct size for your home or business.

Three simple steps to start enjoying clean and healthy RO water today!

2. Based on the information from the questionnaire our experts determine the right whole house reverse osmosis system for your home.

3. We will make you an offer based on your water condition and you decide when you are ready to get clean and healthy water running through all the faucets of your home.

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