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Who Has the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Georgia?

ValuePenguin recently studied the homeowners insurance rates throughout the state of Georgia to help determine where the cheapest and most expensive areas were situated. We looked at 14 counties of varying size spread throughout the state to give you an approximation of how your rates stack up to what your fellow Georgians have to pay.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia

Our study of home insurance rates in Georgia analyzed 21 companies with a wide range of premium prices. The average for the state was $1,987 with Ameriprise, Allied, USAA, American National, and Nationwide being the cheapest. Hartford Insurance ranked as 370% more expensive at $4,759 per year on average. Here’s the breakdown of all 21 insurers we looked at:

Cheapest Counties in Georgia for Homeowners Insurance

With the exception of Chatham County, the cheapest counties for home insurance in Georgia all sit inland towards the northwestern part of the state. Not only are they more protected and less likely to have collateral wind damage from hurricanes, they’re not as close to the tornado track  in Georgia where the expensive counties sit. With a slimmer chance of storm-inflicted damage, the insurance rates in these areas are cheaper than the state average.

Cobb County

Home to almost 700,000 Georgians, Cobb Counties largest cities are Marietta, Smyrna and Kennesaw, in that order. Cobb County sits in the northern half of the state with county seat Marietta only about 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. Those living throughout Cobb County will be happy to know that their homes are the cheapest to insure anywhere in the state at $1,305 annually.

Chatham County

Chatham is one of the more populous counties in GA (5th to be exact) with the majority of folks residing in the county seat of Savannah. The area is also a popular tourist destination with beautiful cobblestone streets and easy access to the Ocean being two of the main draws. Homeowners insurance rates throughout Chatham County were 2nd lowest in the state in this year’s study at $1,485 per year or 37% cheaper than the state average.

Gwinnett County

Located northeast of downtown Atlanta, Gwinnett is the 2nd most populous county in the state with almost 850k people inside the county lines. The county seat city in Gwinnett County is Lawrenceville. On an annual basis, Gwinnett County’s homeowners insurance prices are only $4 per month more than those found in 2nd place finisher, Chatham County. Residents in Lawrenceville and the other towns in Gwinnett will pay $1,485 per year to insure their home against damage and theft.

Most Expensive Counties in Georgia for Homeowners Insurance

The three most expensive GA counties for homeowners insurance have something in common: they’re all in the southern half of the state and mostly the southwestern part of Georgia. Why is this important? A quick look at data released by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) shows that this portion of the state has substantially more tornado activity each year than much of the rest of the state.

Randolph County

Randolph County sits in the southwestern quadrant of the state only about 150 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Although it’s one of the smaller counties in Georgia, Randolph County and its County seat Cuthbert have the most expensive homeowners insurance rates in the state! Citizens of the area are paying almost double the state minimum to insure their homes with annual premiums averaging $4,555 or $380 each month.

Sumter County

Neighboring Randolph County to the southwest, Sumter County is the second priciest area in Georgia for homeowners insurance. The majority of the population in Sumter County lives in the county seat of Americus (home to over 17,000 residents). Average annual insurance premiums in Sumter County were the 2nd highest of the areas we surveyed with rates around $3,267 per year. While expensive, they were still significantly cheaper than the prices paid by citizens in Randolph County!

Wilcox County

One of the smaller counties you’ll find in Georgia, Wilcox County is called home by fewer than 10,000 Georgians. The county seat of Abbeville is famous for, of all things, wild hogs! They hold a wild hog festival each year with plenty of food and fun activities for the whole family. What they’re not known for, however, is having affordable home insurance rates. Residents can look to pay $2,751 per year or $229 monthly (18% more than the state average).

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Georgia

We looked at 14 counties in Georgia. The idea was to grab counties that were home to both cities large and small, and addditionally, were geographically spread throughout the state. The counties we looked at were: Banks, Bibb, Chatham, Cobb, Dougherty, Fulton, Gwinnett, Johnson, Muscogee, Polk, Randolph, Sumter, Warren, and Wilcox Counties. We’ve listed the annual homeowners insurance premium from the cheapest to most expensive county. We’ve also included the annual premiums for both a $250 deductible and a pricier $1,000 deductible.

Study Methodology

The quotes we put together averaged the premiums from two different house types: HO-3 Frame and HO-3 Veneer (ie brick exteriors and non-brick exteriors). Both homes were insured for $300,000. Insurance rates were analyzed for 34 separate insurance companies

Surveyed homeowners insurance costs in Georgia are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will vary based on your physical residence, claims history, and other factors.

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