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Your Service is Worth Fighting For

You made the choice to serve your country. Now you find yourself in the kind of trouble that could end that career and possibly put you in jail. Whether it be an investigation that focuses on you, an accusation that you have committed a crime, a medical condition that has side lined you or an adverse administrative action that removes you from a position of responsibility and tarnishes any hope for future advancement, this may be the defining moment of both your career and your adult life.

You Need Someone To Fight For You

Military Law is complex and specialized. It requires experience, understanding and skill to successfully navigate. One of the most important decisions you make when a problem arises is Who will fight for me. Too often the military attorney provided for you is young and at the beginning of his or her career, which means they are still learning the system while they are representing you. The time to act, and act with a clear understanding of the consequences, is now. You need experienced, quality representation during all stages to preserve your rights, to make critical decisions, and to obtain the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Military Lawyers are the best choice for courts-martial defense.

We Will Fight For You

With a total of more than 45 years of active duty service to the Marine Corps, Jeff Meeks and Bruce White are experienced military lawyers who have effectively resolved thousands of criminal and administrative cases for the federal government during their military careers.They will aggressively protect your rights at courts-martial and administrative hearings and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for every client. Military legal actions can be harsh and unforgiving for those not properly represented. Retaining Jeff Meeks and Bruce White for your pending court-martial or administrative board is a prudent investment in your future.

White Meeks LLP maintains offices in San Diego and Seattle to provide convenient support to the entire West Coast military community. We are also available for worldwide deployment.

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