What are some of the best small business PBX phone systems? #best #pbx #phone #system #for #small #business

What are some of the best small business PBX phone systems?

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According to Software Advice, the best small business PBX phones systems are offered by Nextiva, Vonage, Jive PBX, ShoreTel Sky and CorvisaOne. These small business PBX phone systems offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional phone providers with innovative features and excellent customer service. Small businesses use these PBX systems to integrate internal phone lines with impressive security, reliable maintenance and flexibility.

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Nextiva Business VoIP offers one of the best PBX phone systems. Nextiva recently won “Product of the Year” from Internet Telephony magazine. This system incorporates innovation and cutting-edge functionality. Nextiva offers a VoIP phone system, online faxing and hosted call centers. Its features include conference modes, caller ID, mobile integration and call routing.

Vonage is another excellent PBX system. Vonage offers flexible plans and a cloud-based phone solution. This is ideal for businesses with employees who telecommute. Vonage provides advanced features and excellent customer support. Vonage integrates its service with an Admin Portal, which allows account managers to review call recordings and billing information.

Jive PBX is another VoIP phone system with a reliable reputation. Jive PBX offers an affordable and fully customizable phone system. Although Jive PBX offers many of the standard features, this phone system also offers a useful visual dial plan editor.

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