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Eastway Lock & Key, Inc. has been a Charlotte locksmith specialist since 1976. Over the past 35+ years, we have built our reputation on providing solutions for security needs big, small, and in between. We use only the best products available and take pride in our work. We service commercial, industrial, and residential clientele.

Most of us have been locked out of a car or a house at some point in our lives or we know someone who has. It can be a scary situation and you surely appreciate there are professionals out there who can assist you in such an emergency. A professional locksmith has skills and possesses a vast knowledge of many different trades, from engineering to carpentry.

Did you know that locksmithing is one of the oldest professions?

“We needed to get our new home re-keyed and Eastway came highly recommended. Our home is a 50 year old Modernist home with mid-century commercial locks. Thankfully, Lawrence was familiar with the uniqueness of the locks’ design and very deftly removed, cleaned and re-keyed them. “Kristina A. Charlotte, NC

Historians believe the profession of a locksmith started around 4000 years ago in Egypt and Babylon. Back then locks were made out of wood, with wooden pins in the lock and they could only be opened with a large wooden key. Between the 14th and 17th century locksmiths were considered talented artists who could make beautiful metal locks. Members of the nobility would hire a locksmith to create some unique and crafty designs.

Later on locks became more sophisticated so they could be more secure against intruders. Many of the lock components invented centuries ago are still in use today. Such as the level tumbler lock created by Robert Barron in 1778, as well as the double-acting pin tumbler lock invented in 1848 by Linus Yale. Yale’s lock featured pins of different lengths so the lock could not be opened without the correct key. He also developed a small, flat key with serrated edges which could move the pins. Both of these inventions are being used today.

Nowadays everywhere we go we see electronic locks and other security devices. Apart from being skillful in metalwork, woodwork and mechanics, a professional locksmith knows his way around electronic devices and security components, such as control access systems and alarm systems.

Our Locksmith Services

At Eastway Lock Key, Inc. we constantly develop and improve our services to make sure we meet the changing needs of our clients. At the same time, our certified staff has a knowledge of all types of locks so if you need to rekey your half-century old home we can assist you with that. From installing new locks in your house to creating a master key system for your business facility our team of professionals is always ready to help.

Sturdy door and high security locks are only the first step to make your home or business secure. Eastway Lock Key, Inc. with the use of the latest technology, can help you upgrade your security system with video surveillance, access control devices and alarm systems. Contact us or call us today at 704-347-1088 and one of our experts can help you determine the best solutions for your venue.

Charlotte Safes

Eastway Lock Key, Inc. offers a wide choice of safes for our residential and commercial customers. working with some of the best safe manufacturers in the country, such as Gardall, Amsec, Brown Safe and more. There are a lot of options available on the market and it’s best to have a certified professional talk to you about the differences between safes prior to purchasing.

The most important step when buying a new safe is to decide exactly what you want to protect and what the estimated value of your possessions are. If you want to keep valuables worth millions of dollars safe it may not be a bad idea to spend a couple of thousands of dollars and purchase a high security safe. Additionally, when looking at different safes you will notice each safe has a particular class, e.g. TL15 or TRTL60X6. It’s important to understand the meaning of these codes as they determine the safe’s resistance to drills and other hand tools, as well as if it’s fire-resistant and fireproof. The class of a safe also regulates the limit on the amount covered by your insurance company if a safe becomes compromised in any way.

We invite you to visit our showroom at 3807 Monroe Rd. in Charlotte, NC to see a variety of safes and talk to our professionals about your particular needs.

A Professional Charlotte Locksmith

At Eastway Lock Key, Inc. we are proud to employ certified specialists licensed with North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board. We are also a member of The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). There are a few levels of voluntary certifications offered by ALOA which require an individual to pass several exams such as a Certified Registered Locksmith (known as CRL). Eastway Lock Key, Inc. is one of the very few companies in town to have a CRL and a Registered Locksmith (RL) on staff.

As mentioned above, a locksmith is a very skillful professional who has a knowledge of many different trades. To gain such level of expertise one needs to undergo a formal training concerning locks, lock picking, key making and duplicating, mechanics and more. Getting a certification is not the end of the education for a locksmith professional. With constantly developing market and new security concerns of today’s world there is always a lot to learn in the business of locksmithing and security. As professionals, we highly cherish the trust our clients place in us when asking for our assistance.

Most Common Questions

Have a question about our locksmith services? Give us a call at 704-347-1088 right now!

Below we present you with some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients.

Q: Do I need to change my locks or just need my existing locks rekeyed?

A: It depends. Changing locks means taking the whole lock (knob, latch, etc.) out and replacing it with a new model. Rekeying is using an existing lock and changing only the pins and springs so the old key doesn’t work and the new one does. So, unless your existing lock has been damaged in any way you really only need your locks to be rekeyed.

Q: I am locked out but I can’t verify I am the owner of a car/house/office building. Can you still help me?

A: No, we can’t help you. At the very least, you need a letter of authorization from the owner (if you’re a renter) or some proof that you own the property (utility bill, etc) so we can provide you with our services.

Q: I am locked out of my car, if you pick the lock for me will it still work?

A: Yes. That is why it’s always best to call a professional when you’re locked out of a car. We carry special tools which let us open the lock without any damage to the mechanism or any other car components. However, if the lock got damaged and needs to be drilled to be opened it may need to be replaced.

Q: I need my door lock rekeyed, how do I identify the brand of the lock?

A: There are several ways to identify your keys and locks. The most obvious way is to look for a name on the key. Many keys are stamped with a full brand name on the head. Some keys may only have name abbreviation. The most common residential key brands are Kwikset (“KW”) and Schlage (“SC”). Often, if you look at the edge of your door, the name of the brand may be placed on the lock latch.

Q: I have a problem with my door lock, can you come and fix it?

A: Please provide us with more details concerning your problem. Have you been experiencing this problem for some time and it started to get worse, or is it something that happened suddenly without warning?

Q: I lost my car keys, can you help?

A: Of course. Make sure you bring the proof of ownership and we can cut your keys for you. Our locksmith professionals can recreate all types of car keys, including high security vehicle keys. There is no need to visit your car dealership.

Q: I don’t remember the combination to my safe can you help?

A: No problem. Let’s set up an appointment and our experience technician will help you get into your safe without any damage.

Q: I had a duplicate key made at a hardware store but it doesn’t work. Does it mean there’s something wrong with my lock?

A: No, it doesn’t mean your lock doesn’t work. You’d be surprised how often it happens when a customer has a key duplicated at a store and it doesn’t work. The reason is simple – locksmith workshops have better machines. Professional locksmiths invest in high quality equipment and have their machines calibrated often. If you want to get the job done right the first time, save your time and visit your local locksmith.

Eastway Lock Key, Inc. has been assisting customers for decades in the Charlotte, North Carolina area including Ballantyne, Blakeney, Stonecrest, Fort Mill, Concord, Indian Trail, Huntersville, Mount Holly, Marvin, Rock Hill and Waxhaw. If you need our help or have a general question related to your locks and security contact us via email or give us a call at 704-347-1088 .

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