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1) “Top Website”

More information on this Website Design Service
The price of this offer is: TT$ 7.500
Included are 7 features of your choice.
Optional: Any additional feature will cost: TT$ 500

2) “Basic Website”

More information on this Website Design Service
The price of this offer is: TT$ 3.500
Included are 7 pages
Optional: Any additional page will cost: TT$ 300
Any update of the content of a page will cost: TT$ 300

3) Website Maintenance

“Website Maintenance” is an optional service.
The cost of this service is TT$ 300/month.
– For the “Basic Website” offer, the maintenance fee includes the updating of the content of a maximum of 3 pages per month..
Consider this offer if you plan to update your “Basic Website” more than once a month.
– For both offers, the maintenance fee includes a weekly backup of your website (to prevent data loss) and a constant updating of the Drupal system.
If you have no time to update your website, you can send us the information via email and we will update it for you (included:3 updates/month).
You also benefit from an online assistance via a system of email tickets for any problem or questions you may have concerning your website.

4) Payments

Trinidad Website Design offers a discount of TT$ 300 for the online payment of any Website Design offer.
Once we receive your order for a website, we will send to your email a payment request via Paypal.
You can pay online via Credit Card (no need to have a Paypal account).
We usually proceed as follows:
– one downpayment of half of the cost upon start of the project
– the balance payment upon completion of your website

For example, if you order a “Basic Website” and pay online, your first payment will be (3500-300)/2= TT$1200
The second payment upon completion will be TT$ 1600.
For any question concerning pricing and payment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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