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Florida Winter Travel Deals for Seniors!

Top 3 Most Popular Florida Destinations for Seniors

Baby Boomers have selected Florida as their top Snowbird destination year after year. The reason is simple, the State of Florida has three prime Snowbird locations. They are Destin. Boca Raton. and Key West.

Destin, Florida has stunning white beaches, challenging golf courses, and world-famous fishing area. Destin is located off the Gulf of Mexico in northwest Florida, and is famed for its sugar-white sand beaches. Destin also harbors world-class hotels and rentals plus has some of the best shopping and dining options.

Bocan Raton, Florida is located in Palm Beach County and in the heart of Florida s Gold Coast. Bacan Raton is also known to many as just Boca and is a great destination for snowbirds of all ages and places. Bocan Raton has beautiful beaches, amazing golf courses, affordable hotels, and various restaurants and specialty shops throughout the area.

Key West, Florida also has various attractions for everyone of all ages with some of the finest saltwater fishing and deep sea fishing around. For those snowbirds that have visited Key West in the past, it s a good chance that they are still talking about coming back. Key West Hotels offer beautiful Key West sunset views, dolphin watching, and a short walking distance to Old Town lane famous for their shops and live entertainment on Duval Street.

So if you are an experienced snowbird traveller, or just someone who is looking at getting away to a warmer destination down south during the cooler winter months, consider visiting Destin . Bocan Raton . or Key West . Either location will be a rewarding experience!

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