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Last week I was writing a Technical Design for a customer to create a brand new vSphere 5 environment based on HP hardware (HP P4300 G2 storage and HP DL380G7 servers). I found HP Sizing Tools for VMware vSphere tool at the HP website to size and design storage and server components to run my new vSphere solution.

Here some installation and sizing facts:

Import you’re server spec list with current RAM/CPU/Disk size/NIC’s etc..

Configure you’re network with redundant NIC’s, and a separate (redundant) VMotion network

Configure a HP StorageWorks for VMFS only and select a array type

Configure target utilizations for the new servers

Select VM Limits, VMware versions, Software support etc..

Select target server platform which you want to use for the new environment

After finishing the wizard you are able to view the solution alternative. If you want to change the configuration you can specify some specific hardware in the menu on the left side result page.

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