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May 29 2017

Vistek Pro Rentals of Digital SLRs Video Cameras and Equipment – Vistek Toronto Calgary Canada #rented #house

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Rental Information

Vistek Rentals

As a professional photographer, you know there are times when renting gear is the best way to go – perhaps you need an unusual piece of equipment, a backup unit for a critical shoot, or you just want to try out some new gear before purchasing it. No matter what reason you have for choosing renting over buying, our extraordinary selection of equipment, great prices and amazing staff will meet your rental needs for your next shoot.

The largest stock around with the largest selection

We stock hundreds of items you just won’t find at other rental houses and our wide range of equipment means we can outfit you with full solutions.

Now you can browse the entire rental inventory, see pricing and place a request for equipment via email through our web site. It’s fast, convenient and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality and efficiency

All our equipment is well-maintained and guaranteed to be in good working order to help make your shoot hassle-free. We also refresh our rental inventory on a regular basis. Our computerized inventory and control system means fast, accurate service guaranteed.

Disclaimer: the images shown describing the rentals are visual reference only; they do not necessarily represent all the items included in the rental. Please contact a Vistek rental representative to confirm the items included.

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