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Video: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010

By Kelly Cook on September 17, 2009 Kelly Cook

We were invited to Oscar de la Renta s showroom and studio the day BEFORE the Spring 2010 show to preview the new bags and collection. Oscar himself explained the new bag collection to us! Seriously. It was the highlight of our entire week! Especially when we were told that the only people that had been allowed the sneak peek were Anna Wintour and Cathy Horyn of the NY Times. We felt warm and fuzzy all over and tried our best to stay out of the way while we watched Oscar and his team work on the final fittings. Everyone was so calm, but I guess with Oscar at the helm and in the studio daily there is no chance of anything going wrong. We just got home and will have the complete review of the new bags up soon (you will see them in the video the best bag collection ever from Oscar!). Oscar also agreed to a Virtual Personal Appearance on Bagsnob soon so you ll be able to chat with him directly stay tuned! (Jump for part 2 of video and more pictures).

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