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Mar 4 2018

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Military & Spouses – Serve With Us

Starbucks is proud to employ veterans and military spouses in our company operated retail stores across the United States. Our Armed Forces Network (AFN) is a community of Starbucks partners (employees) dedicated to supporting military partners, support transitioning military and their families, and create a veteran friendly workplace.

With your diverse work experience and work ethic, as well as your direct alignment with our mission to inspire and nurture our community, we’ll support you in finding your place with us. Read more about our commitment.

Honor, duty, service. Your military background makes you a natural fit for a career at Starbucks. We are team-focused, and are bound by our shared values for creating a special experience for our customers and partners. Explore retail store careers and corporate careers.

This great benefit just got better. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP) allows partners to pursue a bachelor’s degree online through full-tuition coverage at Arizona State University Online. To show our gratitude to our veteran partners for their service, they can now extend an additional SCAP benefit to a qualifying family member of their choice. The participating family member will receive all the same benefits as our partners in the program with access to over 60 different degree programs.

Learn more about applying – Get Job Search Tips

Military Spouses – Serve With Us

I hire veteransKatrina, shift supervisor, Army Spouse

Katrina is a nine year partner (employee) who met her husband at a Starbucks in Columbus, GA. Like many military spouses, Katrina is balancing professional and personal responsibilities. She is also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in mass media and communications through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, a unique benefit in partnership with Arizona State University that provides full-tuition coverage to Starbucks partners.

“Starbucks is a great career option for military spouses. One of the most important benefits to me was the ability to transfer stores when we PCS’d stateside. I also enjoy a flexible schedule so I can spend time with my family. Starbucks also offers other amazing benefits such as stock options and partner (employee) discounts!” Learn more about retail careers like Katrina’s.

I hire veteransAmy, district manager, Air Force Veteran, and Military Spouse

“It doesn’t matter what service you are in-the military trains everyone to be a leader, no matter your rank. I’ve enjoyed serving my country where I’ve been able to help accomplish our nation’s objectives while knowing that I’m working for something bigger than myself. When my deployment was over, I attended a military career fair where I met a Starbucks district manager who had a special appreciation for my military experience. Now, I use my leadership and communication skills learned in the military to lead a dynamic team of store managers.” Learn more about retail career opportunities like Amy’s.

I hire veteransKyle, shift supervisor, Army Spouse

I love coffee and Starbucks, and became a partner because of the support the company provides to veterans and military spouses like me. My father served 34 years in the Army to honor his country and take care of his family, and my spouse is an officer in the Army who has plans to pursue a degree and career. I recently joined Starbucks as a partner, and was provided with an immediate opportunity to make a difference in the local military community. One of my short-term goals is to finish a bachelor s degree and pursue a management career at Starbucks. I know that I ll be able to accomplish my goals thanks to the new Starbucks College Achievement Plan, the skills I m gaining in my job and the support system I have at work and home. Learn more about retail careers like Kyle’s.

Starbucks Career Center

I hire veterans

I hire veterans

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