Vanuatu Real Estate – Property Investment Guide #lake #wylie #real #estate

#vanuatu real estate


Sue Bedford is a long term resident of Vanuatu and is affectionately known by the local expats as sueb . She is regarded as a stalwart of the real estate market – both here and previously in New Zealand. It would be hard to find a more qualified and knowledgeable person when it comes to Vanuatu real estate agents and real estate Vanuatu, than Sueb. Rather than waste your time with high-priced, low-value Vanuatu real estate, she specialises in seeking out only the best value properties on the market.

Don’t expect Sue to be sitting around in a dingy office somewhere. She is a very sociable person and enjoys nothing more than meeting with clients and friends in a relaxed and friendly environment over a cup of coffee or a cool drink.


One of the South Pacific s Most prestigious apartment complexes offers a unique place to live with spectacular uninterrupted views providing a stunning backdrop to a relaxed lifestyle from all front balconies, lounge, living and master bedroom.

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