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Can’t Do It All During Move Day?

Not all of us know how to drive a big moving van and not all of us have or want to drive a large moving van come move day, we have plenty of things to do during moving day the last thing we need to do is all the hard work too, hiring a full service moving company is not all bad, for a free moving quote fill up our Free Moving Quote form to get multiple moving quotes or check out for a cheap moving company near you.

The Convenience of Unlimited Mileage

A one way van rental is the perfect solution if you are looking to hop in a van and drive your own household furniture to your new home. When you are moving from one state to another, opting for a moving van rental is a must especially with today’s gas prices. However, you must be sure that your van rental company has a “unlimited mileage” rental available.

Renting Without FREE Unlimited Mileage Cost

Not all truck rental companies offer unlimited mileage rentals which is not a big deal if you are moving from one block to another block or only a few miles away but if you are moving from New York to California or from Florida to Texas those miles will add up quickly. Make sure you take your time and compare between Budget. Penske Uhaul to find the best cargo van or moving truck out there.

Moving cross country? driving your van one way but you have no one to try your car for you? we suggest you visit for a free car shipping quote from professional car sipping companies near you.

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