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Aug 12 2017

Vacation Packages from across Canada. #travel #forum

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Vacation Packages departing from Canada

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Vacation packages from Canada

Canadians from coast to coast dream about getting away for some well-deserved fun in the sun especially in the dead of winter. All-inclusive vacation packages are the perfect remedy, offering affordable, hassle-free travel options.

Why book all-inclusive vacation packages?

Because they re cheap! Whether you re planning a romantic getaway or a family reunion, vacation packages make the booking process simple. An all-inclusive gives you peace of mind knowing you re getting the best deal.

There s no need to spend countless hours researching hotel prices and availability, searching for cheap flights or renting a car. There s no need to worry about meal budgets or nightly entertainment. All-inclusive vacation packages are simple and affordable period.

Why are vacation packages cheaper than booking air, hotel separately?

Pre-designed vacation packages are generally less expensive because travel suppliers (like WestJet Vacations and Transat Holidays ) make reservations in bulk, bundling hotel/resort stays, meals and airfare. It s their bulk buying power that keeps the price down. Then travel agents like pass those saving on to you.

All-inclusive vacation packages appeal to budget travellers for many reasons:

  • Generally, vacations cost much less in a package than it would to book each element of your vacation individually.
  • Everything else is free with drinks and food included in the pre-packaged price, there s no need to open your wallet once you re on the resort. This is especially great for popular island destinations like Cuba .
  • Worry-free travel with the vacation package, roundtrip transportation from the airport to your resort is also included in the package price.
  • Convenience once you re on the resort, you don t have to worry about finding a decent restaurant or bar, they re all on site!
  • No hidden costs miscellaneous expenses can add up quickly. When you book a vacation package, there s no need to worry about extras like tipping (although you re welcome to do so), renting a kayak or borrowing snorkel gear.
  • Free entertainment when you book an all-inclusive vacation package you can enjoy free shows day and night. Typically you ll find daily games and activities around the pool area, along with things like table tennis, billiards and volleyball. At night, you can check out the on-site nightclubs, or watch a variety of shows, from dancers to magicians to live music.
  • Easy-to-find excursions when you book a vacation using a package, you ll also learn about popular excursions in the area. Yes, they ll cost extra, but having a snapshot of options makes it easy to choose off-site activities.
  • Onsite help when you book using vacation packages, you ll have onsite access to a representative who can answer any questions and help you with any issues that may arise.

If you re ready to explore the possibilities of an affordable vacation package, you ve come to the right place. Start by using our Vacation Finder or call your local travel agent at 1-800-665-4981 for personalized service. For more information, check out our travel FAQ .

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