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Welcome to Virginia Stump Grinders Tree Bobcat Services ,

We trim trees, remove trees, grading, debris removal, lot clearing, concrete removal, driveway removal, land leveling, skid steer service and stumps in the Hampton roads area. We grind more stumps than anyone else we do it for LESS.  Contact us for package deals on tree and stump removal

You’re probably wondering, how we grind tree stumps them for less? It’s because we have a larger tree stump grinder than the competition and yet small enough to fit through 36 inch standard gates. This means we can grind at a much faster rate than the competition and we can get in and out much faster than any other stump removal company. Our tree stump removal company is the top tree stump remover for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Newport News. The best way to remove a tree stump is to hire a tree stump grinder; it is much cheaper than going to home depot or Lowes and picking up a tree stump grinder rental. The reasons why hiring a tree stump grinder is better is because it’s cheaper, faster and we do a better job. The low end tree stump grinding machines that you can rent at Lowes, Home Depot or Sunbelt take forever to grind a stump. These machines are low horse power machines and typically take about 100 to 150x longer to grind an average size stump, not to mention the horrible shape these machines are kept at rental shops. Stump remover teeth are used to grind stumps and if they are not sharp they won’t cut even dirt. Stump grinder rental shops tend to keep them in bad shape because if the teeth are dull you will rent the machine much longer, which means you will pay more. It’s best just to hire a stump grinder VS trying to rent a machine that will take all day and you may get additional charges if something goes wrong. We at Virginia Stump Grinders are dedicated to giving you the best price available and guarantee we are the cheapest. we even give discounts on multiple stumps so if we don’t have to drive to an additional location which saves fuel we pass these savings onto you.

Stump removal prices can range but all projects have a $100 minimum and can go much higher depending on the size of the tree stump and many other factors. Removing large tree stumps can be a tedious project for anyone and if you have the wrong equipment it could take much longer not only because of the size factor of the tree stump, but typically larger trees are hard wood and grinding a larger stump will take much longer because it is harder for the machine to cut hardwood VS softwood (usually takes 2-3 times longer). Another factor that can add an additional expense is if there is metal, concrete, bricks, rocks or anything around the stump or in the stump that can damage the grinder while it is grinding away at the stump.

Tree stump removers can dramatically lower your cost for removing tree stumps in your yard. the best way to get rid of a bunch tree stumps is to hire a stump remover.  the reason why stump remover can lower your cost is because they have a larger machine and they can grind a lot more stumps than any rental machine can ever do in a day.  Not only can they grind more stumps they can also do a better job by going deeper and getting the roots and not missing things a non stump remover will do.

Besides being the best in the industry for tree stump removal we also cut down trees and remove shrubs as well.  We can do tree trimming and can give discounts on multiple trees, wither you want the entire tree removed or if you just need a little tree trimming around the property.  Virginia Stump Grinders is dedicated to bringing quality tree services and at a fraction of competitors prices.  We have found that removing a limb off the top of the house can reduce your stress next time a storm comes in and we can check the trees health while we are trimming up the tree.  We now can offer the full service for removing the tree and stump if needed from any property or if you need shrub removal.  Shrub removal is much easier that removing an entire tree, mostly because its much smaller.

Trimming shrubs can be a big task depending on how many shrubs you need trimmed, but majority of the times. removing shrubs is much easier than larger trees. Many customers ask us how do we remove shrub roots, we just tell them its easy with our self propelled stump grinder. Tree and shrub trimming can make your landscape stand our if done correctly.

Contractors, property management companies and even other tree guys are welcome to contact us for all your needs.  We can help with that lot thinning, hauling, land leveling, grading, removing concrete patio slab, cement removal, demolish concrete, debris removal, lot clearing or just tree maintenance.

Breaking and removal of concrete can be a tedious and time consuming task depending how large the project is.  If you have a concrete slab, concrete patio or concrete driveway you want removed feel free to contact us for a free quot for demolishing concrete and removing it.  We also can demo small to medium size Houses.

We remove trees and stumps in Virginia Beach, Norfolk. Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth and Chesapeake areas of VA.

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