Used Cars under $2000 #auto #mats

#used cars under 2000

Used cars under $2000

2000 dollars or less isn t much yet its possible to buy  used auto in fair condition. At first be realistic, in this price range don t expect the car to be very good. Autos are expected to be 10 to 15 years old and have high mileage (100,000 miles on odometer will be usual, if less it s likely has been altered). some mechanical issues. cosmetic scratches and even some bodywork dents (Beware if they re close to engine, that can indicate that car has been in crash and bodywork later been straighten. Depending on crash, it could hide serious damages).

Fortunately this post will show you how to find best used auto under 2000$ that won t turn out to be money pit.

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Closing deal.

  • Make sure you’re educated about the additional costs of ownership e.g. insurance costs, approximate fuel expenses (considering fuel grade and fuel economy), expected maintenance costs, etc. Bear in mind that for 2000$ price tag car s fuel consumption will be far worse than in original vehicle s documentation. Also it might need more repairs in future, but luckily used car repairs mostly are cheaper than for new cars.
  • Ask to see vehicle documentation as required by your province
  • Discuss price and come to an agreement with the seller. If you’re offering less than the listed price, explain why and state your price. It may be related to what you found during your inspection. Be cautious against phrases like oh, it s just a minor fix as it may hide more serious problems.  Don t buy that car  if you don t feel confident because for 2 grand vehicles fixing  serious problems may exceed that 2000 bucks tag.
  • The seller may reject your offer. If so and you’re not willing to pay more, tell the seller to give you a call if the car doesn’t sell and he/she re-considers your offer.

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