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Looking For A Safe, Reliable Car For Under $3000. I Always Say, “Let Me Know If You Find 2 And I’ll Take The Other One !”

Purchasing such a car for slightly more than scrap metal value is a tall order, but it’s possible. I’ve done it (Well. $4000) I Got A Dandy (2001 Impala, 4 years ago).

The three most important things to look for are condition, condition, and condition. Don’t get hung up on make, model, etcetera. If you aren’t a good judge of condition then be sure to get the help of somebody who is.

Mark9207 gave some good advice. Reread that and give it some thought.

Here’s something else to think about. I like to try and buy a car like this that is currently licensed, insured, and being driven daily (That’s what you’ll want to do with it). This makes the search a little tougher, but when a car is just sitting with no plate, insurance, etcetera, with weeds growing up under it, I always wonder why it was abandoned (don’t take the owner’s word).

Look at many, many cars first and buy just one. By looking at many, you’ll learn what a good deal looks like when it comes along.