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United Cash Loans – What are the complaints against them?

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United Cash Loans is a payday loan company that claims to offer quick cash to borrowers. Consumers dealing with this company have a lot of complaints. Read through the section below to know more about these complaints.

What are the United Cash Loans complaints?

There are many consumers who have shared their bitter experience with United Cash Loans in the DebtCC forums. They have the following complaints against this company:

  • Debiting money even after loan is paid. Some consumers claim that the company kept debiting their accounts even after the loan amount was paid. One such consumer says that he took a loan of $300 from the company. They kept renewing his loan and debited his account for a total of almost $900! Read more .
  • Not licensed to lend. Consumers allege that the company is not licensed to lend in many states like Nevada, Oklahoma, etc. They often violate the laws regarding lending and thus, they pose a threat to those taking loans from this company. Know more .
  • Withdrawing extra money. United Cash Loans is accused of withdrawing extra money from customers’ accounts. A customer says he took out a loan of $200 and the company was withdrawing $60 every two weeks. But suddenly they started withdrawing $80-100! He ended up paying them over $600 for the loan! Find more on this .
  • Unauthorized withdrawal. A customer made arrangements to pay the company $135 from his bank account to repay a loan. But later on, the company took another $105 which was not authorized by the customer. On contacting, the company told him that he made arrangements to pay $105 and they did not do anything illegal. But he insists that he had authorized the withdrawal of only $135! Check out for more .
  • Harassing calls. Customers complain of getting harassing calls from United Cash Loans. A customer says he paid well over $700 for a loan of just $200. He had to close his account as the company had drained his funds. But even then, he kept on receiving harassing calls from the company. He was also threatened that a lawsuit would be filed against him. Know more .
  • Rude behavior. People say that United Cash Loans customer service is not good. A person complains that the company renewed his loan 7 times illegally and charged him more than they should have. When he called the company regarding this, the representative talked to him in a rude manner. Find the details .

If you need to contact this company, you may find the following details useful:

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