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Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program

Prospective Students

Enhance your degree with an official concentration in real estate at a nationally ranked, top 10 school for real estate.

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Our students are more prepared to adapt to industry challenges than other graduates. Join our network to meet the next class of top real estate professionals.

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The Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate program (Texas URE) offers all undergraduate students at UT Austin the opportunity to tap into the real estate industry by supplementing their primary degree with an officially recognized certification in real estate.

Forward-thinking students will dramatically expand their skill set and job market appeal through sophisticated, up-to-the-minute training in architecture, business, economics, engineering, real estate law and urban planning.

Employers seeking top talent: look no further. Our students have a diverse knowledge base and agile approach. The students who succeed in the URE program go on to become stand-outs in their field. The Texas URE program seeks to produce a new class of investment, development and design professionals who will lead the future of innovation in real estate.

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