Travel Tips for Rome, Italy #travel #to #canada

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Travel Tips for Rome, Italy

The Colosseum, one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. (Photo: ancient rome image by jim from )

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While millions of international visitors flock to Rome each year, the Eternal City marches to its own drum. No amount of foreign tourism seems to affect Rome s distinct atmosphere and culture; on the contrary, visitors should be prepared to yield to Roman customs, as touring etiquette is clearly defined.


While many people in Rome speak English, don t assume the person you are approaching with a question does. In general, Romans are a proud people and some may think you re rude to ask them a question in English. Use an Italian phrase book to ask touristy questions. Most natives are delighted by foreigners attempts to speak Italian — chances are, when you try to ask a question in Italian, the locals will smile and grant you permission to speak in English.

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