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Travelpro Luggage

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Travelpro luggage remains dedicated to their mission of meeting the ever-changing needs of today’s traveler. They began with the original rollaboard suitcase, and continue today with new and innovative designs that mark Travelpro luggage as the best in the industry.

Tired of struggling with his unwieldy luggage, Travelpro’s founder decided to invent the “Original Rollaboard.” Travelpro continues to boast the most significant success in the luggage industry, and the Rollaboard has become standard equipment for over 350,000 airline flight crewmembers worldwide.

Travelpro is an experiment in perfection, and their developers continue to develop the ultimate in luggage. Each piece possesses unsurpassed quality that meets the demands of the most avid traveler. The leadership role held by Travelpro is embedded in every piece of their luggage, and they continue to combine their decades of experience in providing superior products with the quality and strength that characterize every aspect of Travelpro luggage.

The Travelpro Crew, Platinum, and Walkabout Luggage Collections are now at the lowest prices of the season. When Travelpro developed the Original Rollaboard, no one expected it to become the most significant luggage invention for the traveling consumer in the 21sh Century. But now, nearly half a million flight crew members worldwide put Travelpro luggage to the test every day as they continue to provide high-quality products at value pricing. Travelpro continues to set the standard by which all luggage is judged.

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