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fleet trucks for sale

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Fleet trucks for sale


The Best Value on the Road

TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales began providing truck and trailer sales in 2005. We have been successful because of the top quality of our equipment and the exceptional service that our customers receive. Our current selection of late-model tractors include the Kenworth T700 with 72 condo cabs, automatic transmissions, and Auxiliary Power Units. Detailed inside and out, all tractors have working accessories, no rips or tears in the upholstery and body damage that will not exceed $250. The balance of the engine and drivetrain warranties will be transferred to you.

TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales also has 53 reefer trailers for sale.

Autoshifts Pave the Way to Higher Profits

If you re thinking about purchasing a tractor with an automatic transmission, consider the benefits of owning a pre-owned tractor with the Eaton AutoShift from TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales:

  • Shifting is computer-controlled at ideal engine speed for best efficiency and performance.
  • Most of the shock is taken out of the driveline which is easier on all driveline parts and will save you money on repairs and replacement parts.
  • With less body movement and the ability to keep both hands on the wheel, you create less stress on your body.
  • Reduces driver skill requirements through ease of operation. You can place more emphasis on safe driving rather than gear shifting.

Auxiliary Power Unit Already Installed

All tractors come equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit ( APU ) which eliminates the need for idling and consumes only a fraction of fuel compared to a running engine. The APU provides heating and cooling comfort and shores power for the driver.

Fleet trucks for sale

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High Quality Tractors

TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales is a subsidiary of TransAm Trucking whose tractor fleet consists of equipment with an average age of only 30 months. With strict preventive and predictive maintenance activities performed on the equipment, TransAm s equipment is in great shape when it reaches its trade stage. TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales then has the power to offer this quality pre-owned equipment for sale.

Superior Quality

TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales has the world-class Kenworth T700 for sale. Specifications include:

  • 75 Aerodyne Sleeper
  • Paccar MX-485 Eng
  • AG 380 Suspension
  • 3:25 Ratio
  • 22.5LP Tires
  • 232 Wheelbase
  • All Aluminum Wheels
  • Engine Brake
  • Power Steering
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Locks and Windows
  • Cruise Control

Outstanding Value

Before any tractor goes on the TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales lot, certified mechanics perform an extensive maintenance check to ensure the tractor is the best value of any pre-owned equipment on the road. Detailed inside and out, our tractors come in a variety of colors and include new first-time recap tires, new mattresses and the balance of engine and drivetrain warranties.

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