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Top 10 Best Hotel Booking Websites in the World

by Ashima Gupta

For the people who travel a lot, this article would be very helpful as it discusses the top 10 Hotel booking websites in the world. It means that you need not worry about your staying at the place where you are travelling. Also, you need not wander all through the internet and still not get a proper Hotel booking website. All the sites discussed here in this article are trusted by numerous users. Even those people who do not travel much can make use of these websites and book Hotel tickets as and when they plan to travel.


There are some people who do not go for online Hotel booking because they find it difficult to understand the details of the procedure through all those advertisements and scattered information here and there on the website. If you are one among such people, is something that would come to your rescue. Not only the layout of this website is very nice, but you would also find all the information about a particular hotel in a very systematic manner. You can search the Hotel that you want to stay and book tickets very easily. Flash deals are also provided by this website to its subscribers.

9. Hotels Combined

There would hardly be any Hotel in the entire world that is not included in the list of this website. This website has an exclusive feature that you would find reviews about all the hotels and these reviews are given by the customers themselves, who have stayed there previously. So, it would be very easy for the first time travellers to know where they could stay and where they could not. Also, there is an option to compare the prices of different Hotel tickets. So, you can manage according to your budget which Hotel can provide you maximum comfort.

This is one of the best Hotels booking websites in the world. People who regularly use online booking websites to book Hotel tickets across the world must be familiar with this website. Not only Hotels, other accommodation types have also been included by this website in its listing. If you are looking for some Hotel deals, then also, this website would be the best place to search for as it is updated regularly. The search for the Hotels becomes very easy when you are using Venere because the search is map based and even the maps are not like dull, black and white types, rather, they are colourful ones.

Roomkey is yet another Hotel booking website that has attracted many customers from the last few years. The Roomkey itself is the result of the collaboration of 6 great Hotel companies of this world- Marriott International, InterContinental Hotels Group, Choice Hotels International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Hilton Worldwide and the Wyndham Hotel Group. All the customers associated with this website have always provided a positive feedback about this website, which in itself, is a great thing to achieve for a website. The information provided by this website about the Hotels around the world is the most accurate one. The interface of this website is yet another thing which you are going to love.

Not many Indians would be familiar with this website as this is Europe specific one. But still, almost all the Hotels in the world have been covered by this website. This is one of those websites which can provide you the maximum profits by granting special offers. To avail all these discounts, you need to be very regular with it.

More than a Hotel booking search engine and website, people know Hotwire as a discount providing website. This is one of the best discounts providing websites in the world and I promise you would get the best deals if you opt for this one. One of the exclusive features of this website is its Tripwatcher tool. This is a tool by which you can come to know if the prices are going to drop in the near future and then you can plan your trip to some place according to the deals. Planning your trip was never so easier. The planning tools section of this website that would come to a great help for you when you still want to plan your trip to some place.

I guess is one of the most popular websites for the people who travel almost every month. This website claims that around 1, 40,000 Hotels have been covered by it. No matter what type of Hotel you want, you would definitely get a solution once you associate yourself with this website. Precise information about all the Hotels is available in the records of this website. Also, various rewards and discounts are provided by this website. One of the best thing about this website that I like the most is they would provide you cheapest prices for a particular Hotel booking and in case some other website is providing you the same Hotel at an even cheaper rate, this website goes down to match that one.

If you do not want to go for less known Hotel booking websites, Tripadvisor is a nice option to choose. This is a well known website. Generally, the popularity of a website decides how many customers are associated with it. This website would provide you the perfect Hotel for your stay and would definitely make your trip awesome. While searching for the perfect Hotel for you, there is an option to filter out the Hotels according to various amenities.

Not all the people in the world know that there exist some special websites to book the Hotel tickets only. For such people, regular search engines should have to do all the work. Bing Travel is a website for such people. The major point of success behind Bing Travel is the rate indicator associated with this website. You can get to know which Hotel is good and which Hotel is extracting out a lot of money from you. So, you can always choose according to your budget and still get a very comfortable Hotel.

1. Google Hotel Finder

Perhaps Google is not happy with all those Hotel booking websites coming over. And since every person who knows computer and internet also knows about Google, we have placed the Google Hotel Finder on the top of our list of the top position in our list of the top 10 Hotel booking websites in the world. Prices of various Hotels can also be compared by this website. Google Hotel Finder would provide you the best deals and the best discounts.

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