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Car seat rentals

Youth, toddler and baby car seat rentals are available at several Thrifty locations for an additional charge.

Thrifty purchases safety seats centrally through the company’s Purchasing Department to ensure that they meet Federal or State Regulations. Upon return, each car seat rental is checked for defects (to ensure proper functioning) and missing parts (i.e. straps, buckles, etc.). Child safety seats are always stored in plastic storage bags to ensure they remain in good condition.

Thrifty’s child/baby car seat rental maintenance procedures are as follows:

  1. Four types of child car seat rentals are available through our centralized Purchasing Department: Infant seats, toddler seats and child/youth booster seats (high-back and no-back).
    • Please refer to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website under the Department of Transportation ( ) for information on which car seat rental should be used for the appropriate age/height/weight of the child.
    • Integrated car seats: built-in seats are available in some cars and vans. These car seat rentals should only be used for children who are at least 1 year of age and weigh at least 20 pounds. Since weight and height limits vary, refer to the vehicle instruction manual.
  2. Once they get worn or damaged, car seat rentals must be replaced.
  3. Stop using any child or baby car seat rental still in service after the date molded into the back of the seat or restraint. These seats must be disposed of.
  4. Missing car seat parts should be replaced before being rented again. They may be ordered through the Purchasing Department.
    • Do not attempt to modify any seat by using accessories or parts supplied by other seat manufacturers.
    • Any child seat with a cut, frayed or damaged infant restraint harness or vehicle seat belt or LATCH belt must not be used.

Car seat rental: Installation

Philosophically, we believe that the child’s parents are best equipped than anyone to install child safety seats and insure their child is properly protected. Here is our procedure at Thrifty when a customer asks for a car seat rental:

  1. 1. The customer is provided with:
    • Printed installation instructions
    • All car seat accessories (i.e. latch equipment)
    • A copy of the Child Restraint Addendum.
  2. The Child Restraint Addendum must be completed by the customer at the time of the car seat rental.
  3. Company employees are not allowed to secure car seat rentals in the rental vehicles. This is the customer’s responsibility.
  4. Any time a company employee places a child seat in a vehicle, the child seat must be placed upside down in the vehicle to ensure the customer does not think it is secured.
  5. Upon return, each car seat rental is inspected for defects to ensure proper functioning and missing parts (i.e. straps, buckles, etc.).
  6. If the seat is in condition to be rented again, it must be cleaned and deodorized. If necessary, the seat cover should be replaced.
  7. Each car seat rental should be stored in a plastic bag and off the ground until the next rental. Seat accessories and installation instructions are included with the seat in the bag.
  8. Various states require the posting of signs to display the child seat law notice to customers. We are in compliance with these state laws.
  9. Car seat rentals used at the time of an accident of any kind must not be used or rented again. An accident can cause damage to the seat that cannot be seen.
  10. Any injury accident involving a child seat must be immediately reported to the Legal and Risk Management Departments and the child seat(s) in use at the time of an injury accident must be tagged and retained as evidence until the Legal Department notifies the location they may be disposed of.

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