The Top Ten Movies of 2013 According to People Who Rent From Redbox #car #rental #uk

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The Top Ten Movies of 2013 According to People Who Rent From Redbox

Here s a conundrum: A friend or relative complains about how terrible movies have gotten, but they will only go see bad movies.

I m not saying that s exactly what s happened with Redbox s most popular rentals of 2013, but the annual list fascinates for two reasons. First, it highlights evidence that there might truly be a giant gap between the general audience and critics by displaying cinema at its most fast food basic. Second, it s weird.

This is a place where Django hangs out with a dominating Melissa McCarthy (to soon dethrone Adam Sandler ?). Where a broken Denzel Washington is hip to hip with Brad Pitt fighting zombies. Where 2012 s longevity is genuinely proven.

Here s this year s most-rented from Redbox:

White House Down AND Olympus Has Fallen. Redboxers definitely wanted to see D.C. under siege (and/or a president with a rocket launcher). It s also interesting to see the legs that flicks like Kevin James MMA comedy, Quentin Tarantino s blood-soaked Southern, and Denzel Washington s substance abuse drama have. The flipside of that is the calendar-based disadvantage for Fall and Winter films not that there s a preponderance of prestige projects from last year featured here or anything.

Of course the clear winner is McCarthy. If someone has earned the title of America s Sweetheart, it s her. Undisputed champ.

As Redbox s SVP of Marketing Kiera Hynninen points out, For the third year in a row, comedy and action titles have taken over our list of the most popular movie rentals. With Identity Thief, The Heat  and World War Z  topping the charts it’s clear that Americans are looking to escape into a world of laughter and thrills.”

I m not sure about the psychoanalysis, but it s pretty obvious that escapism is the main order of business when you re getting your movies outside a CVS.

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