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About the List

Anyone who has spent a significant time abroad knows that Canadians are avid travellers. Something about our nature spurs us to explore other countries. We re also overrepresented in many overseas expat communities especially those of English teachers in Asia and make up a disproportionately large chunk of the travel blogging community.

Few Canadians know just how many Canucks are out there exploring the globe and writing about it from a Canadian perspective. To highlight the travels of our wanderlusting countrymen and women, we compiled this list of the Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs .

In compiling the list, we first asked thousands of travel bloggers to nominate their Canadian friends. Then, our editor, veteran travel blogger Matt Gibson, hand-picked the best 100 Canadian travel blogs from the lot. We feel that ranking the blogs would be arbitrary because both the tastes of readers and the contents of blogs vary greatly. So, instead, we listed the Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs in alphabetical order.

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