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Governor Charlie Baker

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Governor Holds Roundtable Discussion on Springfield Empowerment Zone

Governor Baker and Education Secretary Peyser visited Forest Park Middle School in Springfield and met with teachers and administrators to hear about the schools’ successful turnaround efforts as part of the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership.

Administration Highlights Impact of Investments in Last Mile Broadband

As part of Small Business Month, Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito tour downtown West Stockbridge small businesses that are benefiting from broadband upgrades made by Charter Communications and MBI’s Last Mile Infrastructure Grant Program.

Bill Proposed To Update Wiretap Law, Crack Down On Violent Crimes

Governor Baker filed legislation to substantially update the wiretap statute to recognize the major evolution in communication technologies over the past 50 years and provide law enforcement with better resources to pursue violent and heinous crimes

CITC Awards to 48 Community Development Corporations Announced

The Baker-Polito Administration announced a total of $6 million in tax credit allocations through the CITC program to Community Development Corporations to improve economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income households and communities.

Governor Baker, Transit and Elected Officials Celebrate I-95/Dedham Street Corridor Project Groundbreaking

Governor Baker and other officials celebrated the groundbreaking of a $44 million project to build new I-95 off-ramp and improve options for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and public transit users.

Baker-Polito Administration Kicks Off Small Business Month

In Worcester, the Baker-Polito Administration officially proclaimed May as Small Business Month and kicked off the first of ten listening sessions focused on engaging small businesses to discuss ways Massachusetts can encourage economic growth and job creation.

Governor Baker Signs $290 Million Transportation Funding Bill

Governor Baker authorized $200 million in Chapter 90 transportation funds, and another $90 million to continue the state’s mobility assistance program for the disabled and elderly, as well as overhaul the RMV’s software system to improve operations and customer service.

Baker-Polito Administration Proposes Modernizing Laws that Govern Explicit Images

The Baker-Polito Administration has filed legislation modernizing the laws governing the distribution of sexually explicit images and empowering District Attorneys with additional tools to protect children.

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