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General Auto Insurance

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Stated quite simply, the liability portion of the general auto insurance policy pays for all judgments in lawsuits you are obligated to pay as a result of your negligence in an auto accident. It will also pay for the bodily injuries or death to others, as well as for the damages to, destruction of, or loss of use of property of others up to the limits of your coverages.

For example, if you have the minimum liability limits of 10/20/5, your policy will pay up to $10,000 to each person you injure or who dies in an auto accident, but will pay no more than $20,000 for all injured or deceased persons in that same accident. In addition, your policy would pay up to $5,000 for all the damage you may cause to the property of others.

Limits of Liability, Uninsured Motorist Coverage

It is our opinion that your auto policy should be allowed to perform as it was intended to, that is, to provide adequate liability protection in the event of an adverse lawsuit. In fact, to do otherwise is comparable to making a bad bet that, if lost, could mean the forfeiture of one s home and property or even the garnishment of one s future earnings. A casual glance of the preceding premium tables should make you realize that carrying the lower liability coverages is not only a bad gamble but a downright foolish act, since the higher limits of liability are available for only a few extra dollars a year.

Get The General Auto Insurance Quote Online

Get free quotes from the top providers online. It s free and there s no obligation to buy. For example, a raise from the minimum 10/20/5 to 25/50/25 is only about 14 extra dollars a year! A raise to 50/100/50 would only cost an extra $30, while a raise to the pinnacle of 100/300/50 would cost an extra $40 a year. It is worth paying the few extra dollars for the higher liability protection, and we recommend that you have this important matter taken care of the next time you call your insurance representative.

Once your liability limits have been set at their most realistic levels, it makes sense to protect yourself and your family with adequate uninsured motorist coverage. The U.M. coverage is designed to pay you for your injuries inflicted by uninsured and/or under-insured motorists. For example, if you were an accident victim and were awarded $100,000 from the court, the 100/300 uninsured motorist coverage would pay all of that amount if the guilty party hit and ran, didn t have insurance, or had the bare minimum limits of liability and no other assets. Find the general auto insurance rates, reviews online.

The cost difference between the minimum coverage of 10/20 and the maximum amount of 100/300 is only $16 a year. It doesn t make sense not to take advantage of this very important coverage.

When you understand the makeup of your rate classification and the factors that affect it, you can make the appropriate adjustments to lower your premium while using a small portion of your savings to increase the vital liability and uninsured motorist coverages, which will substantially enhance your overall insurance protection at the expense of the insurance company.

No-Fault and Medical Payments Coverages

For example, you easily could take $40 of it and raise your liability limits to 100/300/50 and then take another $16 to raise the uninsured motorist protection to its maximum of 100/300 and still pocket $124 a year! It makes sense to have your coverages work harder for you.

Although the liability and uninsured motorist coverages are very important, so are the medical payments and the no-fault (personal injury protection) coverages. The medical payments coverage should be purchased if no-fault isn t offered in your state.

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