The five member Board of Trustees of the Encinitas Union School District is elected by the citizens of the city of Encinitas and the Rancho La Costa area of south Carlsbad. Board members serve four year terms and terms are staggered to allow for continuity during election years. Our Board is responsible for the approval of the scope and focus of the Encinitas Union School District. The Board operates under the authority of the California Constitution, the State Legislature​. California ​Education Code​ and the California State Board of Education. The trustees are responsible for approving the annual budget, adopting policies governing the operation of the Board, acts as an appeals board for student expulsions, inter-district transfers, charter school petitions and selecting the district’s superintendent

Board of Trustee Profiles

Capri Elementary – Visit
Dual Language / Global Communication

La Costa Heights – Visit
Leader in Me

Olivenhain Pioneer – Visit
Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Math

El Camino Creek – Visit
Civic Learning

Mission Estancia – Visit
School of Wonder – Questioning and Analysis

Park Dale Lane – Visit
Collaboration of Teachers and Artists

Farm Lab DREAMS Campus – Visit

Flora Vista – Visit
Civic Engagement and Environmental Science

Ocean Knoll – Visit
International Baccalaureate

Paul Ecke Central – Visit
Dual Language / Garden Science

Welcome to the Encinitas Union School District!

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