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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fantastice Buy to Let property in Springfield, Chelmsford.

Now, this is a lovely 3 bedroom house, in a fantastic location for families, which is the type of market you will be appealing to with this type of buy to let property. People specifically move to this area to get into the catchment for the local schools because the reputation is so good!

This house clearly looks loved from the photos, so from a buyers perspective, not much will need to be done to it once you own it.

The asking price is 174,995, which seems to be the going rate at the moment for these types of property, they are so popular in general and this is pushing the prices up and up! this is a good sign for buyers as they should continue to grow in price, therefore meaning you are sure to end up with some money in the property, when you come to sell it.

Rental wise, you would be looking at approximately 1100 pcm, therefore this could generate you an annual yield of 4.8%. All in all, this would be a great little buy to let property, not only for capital growth, but also for yield.

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