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The Best Time to Travel to Europe

Published/Revised December 12, 2012 By Terri Fogarty 6 Comments

The best time weather-wise to travel to Europe depends on what you like to do and where you are going.

Summers are hot, which is why most Europeans head for the beaches. Fall is generally rainier than in spring and winter is, well wintery.

Europe can be quite stormy in winter, but weather in northern Germany is going to be a lot colder than that in southern Italy or Greece. If you are a skier, cold weather is exactly what you want! And winter-time trips to experience the Christmas Markets are generally a bargain and January sales in Paris are fabulous. Obviously, there are fewer tourists in winter and when school is in session than the rest of the year. Be sure that there are no major shows taking place when you want to go, or hotels will be at high rates and perhaps even sold out. Your Travel agent can give you that information, as the dates change every year.

The most active time for tourism is in summer. Just like in the US, most festivals, parties and parades take place during that time. But keep in mind, crowded cities such as Rome and Florence (and anything south of them) are brutally hot in summer. But, if you are minding your budget, hotels have bargain prices in the larger cities in July and August because business people are vacationing at the resort towns along the sea, where prices are at their highest.

Spring seems to be less rainy than fall in Western Europe and the British Isles. So, I love traveling to  England. Ireland and Scotland in Spring.

As for me, I travel in Spring (April May) or Fall (September October). Airline tickets are a little less expensive than in the summer, the weather is usually fantastic and the hoards have not yet descended or have gone home.

Whenever you go, you can have a fantastic time. Just plan ahead for the weather.


lassie says

We are planning a holiday for early Sept-from London (by Eurostar) to Paris and travelling down to Nice and maybe even Monaco. For a 10-day trip, can someone suggest a few places we should visit along the way?

Where shall we stay in Nice and Monaco ( 2-3 stars)? What is the best way to travel around in those 2 places?


Terri Fogarty says

Hi Lassie,

Whether you are driving from Paris, or taking the train, a great stop-over is Dijon in Burgundy. It is a beautiful town and worth a few days visit.

I suggest that you stay in Nice. You do not want a car when there, though. For one euro, you can take a bus to Monaco to spend the day, or to Cannes in the other direction. Nice is a lovely city with a beautiful old town. I can heartily recommend the Hotel le Grimaldi right in town. walking distance to everything. It is not expensive, even though it is a 4-star. other less expensive choices can be found on http://

the destination india says

thnks for this.i may visit Amsterdam at the end of the year.this is a useful stuff for me.

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