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50 Kick-Ass Female Travel Blogs to Follow in 2014

You want to travel, but don’t know where to start. You want to start reading blogs for inspiration, but are overwhelmed by the options. New travel blogs are being started everyday; how on earth can you keep up?!

You can t. So I m here to help. Since I m constantly being impressed by my peers (and am online, um, a lot), I thought I d make it easy for you and share the 50 female travel blogs that inspire me the most.

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Some notes about the list:

  • There are a lot of amazing travel blogs out there. I focused on solo females leading lives of adventure (often on a budget!), because I figured that s who you d identify with best.
  • Also, I chose blogs that have personal stories of growth and inspiration (and not just “5 things to do in ), because I like to pretend these ladies are my friends!
  • They re organized alphabetically under seven categories. Not to pigeonhole any of the blogs most of them could surely fall under many but hopefully they’ll help you narrow down which ones you want to follow.
  • If you re looking for a way to follow multiple blogs, I recommend Feedly. which is a free RSS feed manager.
  • Or, follow this Twitter list that Brigid of Becoming the B Boss was kind enough to create!

Some of these blogs are hugely popular, while others are still growing. I hope you’ll find a few you haven’t read before, and that they ll inspire you to travel in 2014. I know each and every one of them inspires me!

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