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The 10 Most Popular DVD Rentals & Sales of 2011

Rentrak has released its data on the most rented and most purchased DVDs of 2011, and the two lists are weirdly incongruous, sharing only one title between them (Bridesmaids ). It makes sense: The DVD sales chart tends to reflect repeat viewership, especially among younger viewers and kids, while the rental charts mostly reflect viewership among an older audience who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of movie theaters. That’s most of you, I suspect, save for those who rented Little Fockers. all of whom should feel a deep sense of shame.

Where are these movies rented? I don’t know. Presumably, online rentals on iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube are included, otherwise, I would imagine the top ten only includes rental from Blockbusters is suburban America (raise your hands if you have a Blockbuster near your house? Do you actually visit it?)

I’m actually not surprised by the most rented movie of 2011: Practically everyone I know has seen Red and yet it only made around $50 million at the box office.

How much additional revenue do DVD sales account for? The Harry Potter movies added around $80 million in DVD sales, while Bridesmaids added over $50 million, which is to say: A nice chunk of change. Cars 2 has added over $70 million, which is exactly what Pixar/Disney had in mind when they put out such an inferior product: Swindle the parents, yo.

Also, if you haven’t yet, you should rent The Lincoln Lawyer. It’s the very definition of a solid rental.

Most rented DVDs of 2011

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