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Natural Wonders of Dallas

Life is always in fast pace in the city of Dallas drawing millions of travelers and businessmen each year. Dallas is the metropolitan hub of the state offering world class shopping centers, stadium, theater’s and more. Dallas Texas is known world wide as a famous destination, Dallas has a history of being one of the true cowboy American States. The state of Texas is referred to as The Lone Star State and home to the Dallas Cowboys. Texas is one of the largest states in the United States of America with a population estimated around twenty three million. Texas has two hundred and fifty four counties and the capital city of Texas is Austin. The origin of the name Texas means friends, while visiting the state of Texas there are several impressive attractions that you wont want to miss out on seeing.

Mary Kay Cosmetics was a dream that began more than three decades ago, take a walk through history and see how this amazing company began. When Mary Kay set out to build a company that would give women unlimited opportunities to achieve ultimate success in every aspects of their lives. During your visit, you will relive the rich heritage of the Company and see how it progressed from a small storefront to the amazing success of Mary Kay today. In the Downtown area of Dallas discover over 30 distinctive sculptures along the sidewalks. In addition to the sculptures you might enjoy some pieces from the 19th century, including some contemporary works such as a painter capturing Dallas on canvas. Can you find them all?

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Things To Do In Dallas

The Dallas Zoo is 95 acres of exotic and traditional zoo animals. At the main entrance all visitors are greeted by the tallest statue in Texas- a 67 1/2 foot giraffe. One of the attractions at the zoo is The Wilds of Africa which includes the chimpanzee forest, the gorilla center and aviary. Located on a quarter mile nature trail featuring six natural habitats: the woodland, forest, mountain, river, desert and brush. The zoo also has a 20-minute ride on the monorail running through this attraction for an additional fee. The Zoo North attraction features a bird and reptile building, a children’s zoo which include touchable animals, cheetah exhibit, giraffes, elephants and other traditional animals.

Enjoy a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium where it’s guests can discover a South American rainforest loaded with unique plants and animals such as monkeys, colorful toucans, manatees, otters and crocodiles. The aquarium portion is 85,000 gallons of saltwater full of marine life from around the World. Including the rare sea dragons, giant clams and the endangered sea turtles just to name a few of the animals on display. There is also an outdoor lagoon exhibit featuring the Black footed penguins. This is a great place to bring the whole family.

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Places to See in Dallas Texas

Another popular place to visit is White Rock Lake featuring nine plus miles of waterfront, groomed trails around the lake. The complete loop around the lake takes about three hours other featured activities include sailing, fishing and horseback riding. The lake attracts a wide variety of birds so for those of you who enjoy bird watching be sure to visit the South end of the lake and look for the green parrots. Around the lake there are plenty of playgrounds and picnic tables for you to enjoy a nice outdoor meal.

Reunion Tower- is a popular landmark seen from downtown Dallas. This magnificent 50-story structure offers three levels of activity covered in several lights. Visitors can reach the top of this massive structure by riding an elevator or you can climb 837-step stairwell located in the middle of the tower. The dome of the tower has over 200 lights which can be programmed to form several different patterns. The tower opened in 1978, the Lookout area provides both an indoor and outdoor observation area. This is a great photo opportunity for visitors to view several points of interest throughout Dallas with a 360-degree view.

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