Tenant Screening Credit Reports and Tenant Score Reports #reward #credit #cards

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Tenant Screening Credit Reports and Tenant Score Reports

As a company, our goal at TenantScreening.biz is to provide our customers with all-inclusive tenant screening services. We recognize that landlords and property managers want to have the most reliable tenants living in their properties, and we understand that it can be stressful trying to decide if a tenant is qualified to rent a property that you own.

Our unique partnership with CoreLogic allows you to create a MyRental.com account. This account allows you to choose from several different tenant screening packages, each one offering different services that will meet your specific needs. The ability to customize your services and choose a package that works for you allows you to get the assurance you need at a price that fits well within your budget.

Various tenant screening services that are offered through TenantScreening.biz include eviction history, criminal history checks, terrorist activity history, tenant scores and credit reports. Each package offered allows you to find the set of services that you need to help you secure qualified tenants for your property. Once you have invested in these background history checks and tenant screening reports, you will be more confident that you are renting to a safe, reliable and trustworthy tenant who will take care of your property.

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