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Short Term Motor Cover

Temporary car insurance can now be obtained instantly and easily online in most circumstances. There are different options available depending on age and how long the vehicle or additional driver(s) need to be insured for.

You can now find temporary cover suitable for a range of different vehicles and circumstances including van, bike and courier insurance.

One day car insurance can also be obtained if you are importing a car, taking a test drive, or need drive away cover. There are many other situations where car assurance for one day at at time may be a more convenient and cost-efficient solution for you and this website discusses some of these in more detail.

For periods of cover lasting longer than a few days, car insurance for two weeks or even temp motor insurance for six months is also available to secure online at competitive prices.

A popular short term policy that has been dubbed Pay-As-You-Go. This is essentially a policy that can be setup to cover a vehicle on a rolling monthly policy which usually can be cancelled at any time, giving one months notice. The flexibility of this policy can also be extended to cover multiple vehicles and multiple drivers on the same contract which can be managed online for extra convenience and speed.

The advantage of insuring a vehicle on a rolling monthly basis is attractive to some drivers who are not sure how long they will need to be covered for and don t want to pay more than required by taking out several shorter periods of insurance on separate policies. This is often the case when trying to a sell a vehicle that still needs to be insured before being sold.  Vans and motorbikes can also be covered on a Pay-As-You-Go basis which is popular for companies needing additional cover for vehicles and drivers on a project-by-project basis.

Other queries drivers looking for short term cover may have are what short term policies are available for students or learners. Many drivers also look for insurers for specific makes and models of vehicles, such as Honda, Nissan or Ford.