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Temp Car Insurance

Temp car insurance comes in several forms – temporary or month-to-month are the primary examples. Temporary car insurance covers periods ranging from 1 to 28 days. Month-to-month cover, also known as pay-as-you-go, covers periods longer than 28 days, but shorter than the one-year terms of annual insurance policies. These temp options allow drivers to get cover when they don t require year-round coverage and don t want to pay for insurance they won t use or need. Pay-as-you-go insurance also offers more flexibility to young drivers, who may otherwise have difficulty finding the type of cover they need.

Temporary Insurance

Drivers who need to drive another car for short periods of time often purchase temporary insurance. Many annual policies exclude cars not listed on the policy. Thus, drivers can find themselves in the unfortunate position of driving without insurance, even though they pay for annual insurance, albeit the wrong kind. Temporary cover ensures that drivers don t experience this unenviable situation. Some comprehensive annual policies may include third party cover on other vehicles, subject to restrictions, in which case drivers may not need temporary cover. For drivers without such policies, temporary cover allows them to fulfil legal requirements for a modest cost. Indeed, some choose to use temporary insurance as a defensive tactic, to safeguard their no claims bonus and ensure that annual policies won t increase should they have an accident.

Why Use Temporary Insurance

Temporary insurance may be used for many reasons, but essentially it s about fulfilling legal obligations. Laws dictate that every driver must have third party cover at minimum, providing protection for the person and property of others involved in an accident. For those who drive at all times, year-round insurance suits their needs and fulfils this basic requirement. That s sufficient for insuring a vehicle driven all the time, but what about irregular or unexpected driving? This can come at any time – driving a borrowed car whilst one s own car is being serviced, borrowing a van to transport things from one place to another, sharing the driving on a long trip, even offering to serve as designated driver in someone else s vehicle.

The situations are varied. But in each of them, drivers require coverage on vehicles that they don t usually drive. Since many policies exclude other vehicles from their coverage, without a short term policy like temporary cover, drivers risk serious consequences should they go without insurance. Driving uninsured costs everyone; insured drivers pay roughly ВЈ30 extra per policy to cover the ВЈ500 million per annum caused by uninsured drivers accidents. Given the ease of purchasing temporary cover, there s no reason to endanger oneself financially and pass along higher costs to those who do follow the law.

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