Teenagers and Rental Cars and Age Restrictions #renta #deptos #df

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Teenagers and Rental Cars

Reluctant to pay added fees for the “kids” to drive a rental car? Learn about the age limits of various car rental companies and where you can save.

We took a look at the major car rental companies’ policies on renting your eldest a car for that next weekend road trip. Guess what? It ain’t easy! Even a childcare provider under the age of 25 who you hired to take your kids to the beach house will incur additional fees and headaches when booking her or his own wheels. Although most car rental companies claim that insurance rates are prohibitive for the High Risk group of renters under 25, it seems it might just be another way to assess extraordinary fees.

Yet two companies, Avis and Budget, have standardized their policies to allow renters under age 25 (21-24 years) to rent any vehicle from any location, with around $25/day as the surcharge. That’s a good start.

Customers under 21 must call or contact the suppliers via our Contact Us page!

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