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Synonym Games and Worksheets for ESL, synonyms of of.#Synonyms #of #of

Synonym Worksheets and Activities Here is our collection of worksheets and activities for teaching synonyms and the meta-language used for describing synonyms such as the following phrases: Synonyms are a great way to introduce vocabulary, so we’ve added three sections covering about 90 synonym pairs. The sections are grouped roughly according to level: basic, intermediate,

Credit card Synonyms, Credit card Antonyms #annual #credit

#credit cards # Word Origin & History Example Sentences for credit card Donations are accepted in a number of other ways including checks, online payments and credit card donations. His own credit card cannot, of course, be good in other lands. At first I used a credit card arranged after the order of a meal

Moneylender Synonyms, Moneylender Antonyms #refinance #loan

#money lenders # 12 Synonyms found for moneylender Example Sentences for moneylender He was in the moneylender ‘s hands, and to comply with his exactions would not end them. It had not occurred to them that the moneylender might suspect the forgery. They do not use opium, but they delight in horses, and sport and