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Feb 19 2020

Rockefeller conspiracy

Rockefeller conspiracy-Rockefeller conspiracy Rockefeller conspiracy-The Rockefeller Family Fortunes is a Trail of Conspiracy, Bloodshed, and Evil. Rockefeller conspiracy The Rockefeller Family Fortunes —A Trail of Conspiracy, Bloodshed, and Evil Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil The Monarchy of Money. The House of Rockefeller is, first and foremost, THE Invisible Government of the United States. Invisible Government is described as “predatory capital controlling the wheels of government behind a smoke screen.” (Bealle, The House of Rockefeller, p. 69). Oil Creek, Pennsylvania. The first U.S. oil discovery was in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, by Colonel Edwin L. Drake in the year 1859. …

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