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Jan 26 2020

Charity raffle

Charity raffle-Charity raffle Charity raffle-Charity Anthrocon 2020: Aesop’s Fables Charity Table of Contents What Is The Charity This Year? Anthrocon 2019 raised $45,852 for PEARL Parrots! The mission of PEARL is to provide quality education to current and potential parrot or bird owners. Unwanted or found parrots are accepted at Parrot Education Adoption Rehoming League, and in turn, are adopted to qualified applicants. We also assist in home-to-home adoptions for non-parrot pet birds. We are a foster-based rescue, located in the Pittsburgh PA area. What is the Anthrocon Charity Auction/Raffle? The Anthrocon Charity Auction is an event on Sunday afternoon …

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