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Jun 28 2020

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Phoenix real estate Real Estate Investing Blog Your Premier Source for Turnkey Cash-Flow Investment Property “Live Where You Want. Invest Where it Makes Sense!” ™ What Are The Phoenix Housing Market Predictions For 2019? Phoenix Real Estate Market Predictions 2019 The Phoenix real estate market was a headline in the news a decade ago when the housing crisis of 2007 and 2008 caused home values here to fall by as much as half. The slow recovery of the national housing market has taken a decade. Many may be surprised to hear that the Phoenix housing market is back on the …

May 23 2020

#Phoenix real estate #Phoenix #real #estate

Phoenix real estate Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Market Trends & Analysis Key Takeaways The Phoenix real estate market could stand to benefit from a return to normalcy after nearly a decade of volatility. Real estate in Phoenix has come a long way since it was practically the poster child of the last recession. Phoenix real estate investors should take solace in the fact that demand remains high and affordable homes can still be found. It wasn’t that long ago that the ominous bubble hovering over the Phoenix housing sector derailed any hopes the city had of realizing a healthy market. …

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