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Oct 12 2021

Plastic model truck kits-Plastic model truck kits

Plastic model truck kits Plastic model truck kits American newspapers headlines Plastic model truck kits ☆ Vendors Topol SS-25 “Sicle” артикул: ЗВЕЗДА 5003 [обсудить на форуме] Ваша цена: 1800 руб. 1500 руб. Фотографии, декали, схема покраски Topol SS-25 “Sicle”: Внимание! Для сборки модели Вам могут понадобится клей и краски. 1/72 Scale Model Kit We proudly present the world’s only plastic scale model of the Topol-M: More than three hundred parts which fit together perfectly, including realistic rubber-like wheels, perfectly recreated glazing cabin windows made of transparent plastic, and a perfectly recreation of the original missile launcher! You will fully enjoy …

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