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T-Mobile Announces Cheap Business Plans, Coverage Updates

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T-Mobile on Wednesday announced a new set of low-cost business plans and some deal sweeteners for consumers at its “Uncarrier 9.0” event.

The centerpiece of the event was a new set of wireless plans, primarily for small and medium businesses. They’re inexpensive and simple, requiring no negotiation, which T-Mobile CEO John Legere said was a major drawback of existing business plans.

“70 percent of business customers say [the buying process] isn’t transparent enough. the best price is the only price, for everyone,” he said.

Here’s how it goes: Businesses must order at least 10 lines to get the special pricing. The first 19 lines cost $16 each with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data per line. Go above 19 lines, and you pay $15 each; above 1,000 lines, they become $10 each. Tablets and hotspots are $10/month each.

Additional data can be added per-line or pooled. Per-line data costs $10 per 2GB or $30 for unlimited. T-Mobile charges by the gigabyte for pooled data for businesses: $4.75 each for the first 500 GB, $4.50 after 500 GB, and then $4.25 after 1 TB. There are no overages, and businesses are just charged by the gigabyte of use.

Business customers will also get a GoDaddy domain, a mobile-optimized website, and an email mailbox provided by Microsoft, on their own domain.

Legere pointed out that his company is reaping only $4 billion of the $83 billion in business wireless sales right now, so any business customers it gains will be straight out of the pockets of AT T and Verizon Wireless.

Legere also threw in some sweeteners for consumers, who are almost all of T-Mobile’s current base. The company will pay up to $650 per line in switching costs from another carrier, which now includes paying off leases and phone payment plans such as AT T Next and Verizon Edge, he said.

Families of new business customers will be able to sign up for personal lines with the first line discounted from $50 to $30/month plus data, he said.

Individual T-Mobile customers, meanwhile, will see any promotional plan they’re on made permanent, with a guarantee that rates will only go down, not up. The exception is unlimited-data subscribers, who will only get the guarantee for two years.

“Unlimited is a world in and of itself; I can’t pretend to tell you the ten-year view on Unlimited,” Legere said.

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Coverage is one of the major complaints that potential business customers have about T-Mobile. One small businessperson at the event complained that his T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 had problems with in-building reception.

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