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Supplemental Dental Plans

Many health insurance plans include dental coverage to protect your teeth and keep your smile healthy. But many do not. If you need extra coverage to help you with costs that your current plan doesn t cover, supplemental dental insurance is a good option.

Who Should Get A Supplemental Dental Plan?

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If you have a dental HMO. supplemental insurance can cover you for dental care providers that are outside of the managed care network. And if you want the most complete coverage possible, a supplemental policy can fill in the gaps in your current dental plan.

What Does A Supplemental Dental Plan Look Like?

The most common supplemental dental plans are dental Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Supplemental dental PPOs follow the managed care model, with a network of dentists and other dental care providers that you choose from.

If you already have dental coverage but want to bring your costs down even more you may not even need more insurance. You can get a dental discount plan that saves you money on a variety of procedures, from routine care to root canals. Discount dental plans are easy to enroll in, don’t cost much, and can help you save more money than insurance alone.

Consider a Dental Discount Plan

Another option is to enroll in dental discount plan. Visit our partner to compare a few different dental discount plans to get savings on the dental care you need.

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