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Store charge card – guaranteed approval?


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I m looking for ANY store charge card with guaranteed card approval (or damn near it). I ve applied and applied and can t get anything.

I m rebuilding, and I have a secured Orchard ($200 limit) and of course a Crown Jewelers ( have made a purchase, so it s active) But NEITHER of them are on my credit report yet. I also have a bank loan that s been active (I ve made sure to keep it paid even in thoughest of times).

I want ONE MORE card. I tried Zales. found a BEAUTIFUL ring for my wife for Christmas. got the 7-10 thing. called cust service today and she told me I d hear in about 10 days. so hmmmm. guess that means DENIED.

I applied there because some moron on credit boards said he got one with a “507 score”. mine s 527 (fako, EQ). was 505 when i started repair 2 months ago. I have good income (over 50k), own a home (even though it s not on my credit) and I still can t get approved for a store card. go figure

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rmuse00 13 Dec 2006

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