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I’m using my container for:

1. Check “Storage” if you plan to keep your container at your location or store it at one of our safe and secure storage facilities.


your location or at a secure PODS facility


in town or across the country


I have used this service once before, and well worth the money. So easy with the container right there and to fill it up on your time. Then make one call, and they will pick it up. Then when your ready, drop it off at your new location.

-Dools, Daytona Beach

I used PODS for 2 separate moves. Both moves went great. The container was delivered and picked up as scheduled. It was very clean and very easy to load and unload (ground level).

I really enjoyed being able to load this PODS container on my schedule and do a little at a time and not have to feel rushed because a moving truck is coming. This is definitely the way to move. Extremely reasonable on cost can’t do it much cheaper.

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